Pickering V15 DJ Series Pickering V-15 "Red Hot Needle" Disco cartridge...
A classic American brand, this is a cartridge with attitude and a very distinctive style. built to the highest industry standards, Pickering cartridges are used by more IBA local radio stations than all other brands put together.

Comes backed with a 10 year guarantee, Worldwide. . Stanton Audio Technica Grado ADC Technics broadcast Goldring Shure Ortofon SME Thorens Garrard 500AL
V15-DJ Features...
  • Standard inch mounting
  • Industry standard push on
    color coded connectors
  • Fully RF screened
  • All metal body
  • Static discharge path
  • Back cue-able
  • Flourescent stylus
  • White stylus guard   (Patent V Guard)
  • Replacement stylus D1507DJ

    Pickering V15 DJ Series PickeringUK.com
  • Specifications...
  • Spherical Diamond Stylus tip 0.7 mil
  • Tracking force 2 to 5 grams
  • Output 4.4mv
  • Frequency range 20 to 20k
  • Channel separation 30db
  • Load 47k 275pf (MM)
  • Cartridge weight 5.5g