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Hybrid Low Impedance Series... UK   US $   Euro
Pickering XLZ-7500-S   line contact 299.90 $480 375 Sold out
Pickering XLZ-4500-S   line contact 249.90 $399 299 Sold out
Pickering XLZ-3500-E   elliptical 199.90 $320 239 Sold out
NB. requires MC input or our   PLZ pre-amp 249.90 $307 279 Sold out
Convert your XSV or XSP to XLZ technology,   1/2" & T4P universal mount 119.90 $148 Sold out

" provides more detail, more information
and a higher degree of lucidity and image
precision than I have ever heard from a
cartridge, even the best moving coils."

        ... Pickering XLZ-7500-S
Pickering XLZ series
More Info.

    Stylus Page  

T4P Universal Mount Series...   inc. stylus UK US $ Euro  
Pickering TLZ-7500  Hybrid line contact 299.90 $480 375   Sold out
Pickering XSP4004   line contact 249.90 $399 299   Sold out
Pickering XSP3003   line contact 229.90 $369 285   Sold out
Pickering TL4   line contact 199.90 $319 239   Sold out
Pickering TL3   line contact 179.90 $288 225   Sold out
Pickering TL2-S   line contact 149.90 $210 165   Sold out
Pickering TLE-2   elliptical 99.90 $159 119   Sold out
Pickering TLE   elliptical 49.90 $79 59   Sold out
Pickering TL3 T4P cartridge
    " Developed in close co-operation with Technics to upgrade your turntable "
These T4P include a 1/2" mounting bracket.     More Info. see T4P page

XV15 Series...   inc. stylus UK   US $   Euro
Pickering XV15 1800S  line contact 199.90 $320 240 Sold out
Pickering XV15 757S   line contact 169.90 $272 204 Sold out
Pickering XV15 625E     elliptical 149.90   $197 176 Sold out
NB. all Pickering XV15 Styli are interchangable.
  " if it's a secure, unfussy, powerful
and full bodied sound you are after,
don't forget to listen to the XV15-625E."

XV15 instruction book download.jpg
Pickering XV15 series
More Info.
    Stylus Page  

V15 Series...   inc. stylus UK   US $   Euro
Pickering VE15   eliptical   1 to 3 gr   inc. brush 69.90   $86 78 Sold out
Pickering TE15   eliptical,   tracks at 1.25 grams 39.90   $59 49 Sold out

        Top quality solid metal construction at
affordable prices yet still with full RF screening
and the patented V guard stylus protector
of the top model
Pickering V15 series
More Info.

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Pickering cartridges are designed and manufactured in the USA.
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