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Demonstration record
    "Perfection" is not a test record, but a musical demonstration record. The word demonstration relates to playback quality, manufacturing process and musical content.

 Pickering demo record    
Playback Quality ...What we have been trying to achieve is freedom from all the annoying traits commonly associated with analogue records, noisy grooves, clicks and pops, pre and post echo, muddiness of stereo imagery and questionable dynamics. What we want left is the music and only the music so that a cartridge can demonstrate what it can do with this record and vica-versa.

Manufacturing Process ...Starting from both digital (real digital and not digitized) and analogue sources, the mastering is done with the DMM system (direct metal mastering) at Teldec's in Berlin. A DMM master is the first and most important step, but would amount to nothing if the following steps were neglected. Pressing was done on a manual press and we chose to opt for a final weight some 50% heavier than normal records, 180 grams in place of 120 grams, this was done to minimize warp during packaging, transport & storage and we wish a real step forward could be made in packaging, we have some ideas, but their use on such a small scale as this demo record is unrealistic, finally extra care with quality control during pressing ensured it would be properly centred etc.

Musical Content ...Some excerps are made with completely new material especially on side 2, most are from already published records, and not unsuccessful ones either, the Bruckner on side 1 and the Mosalini on side 2 were nominated amongst the ten best records of the year by the German Record Critics Association. Others consistently secure top ratings in reviews both in Germany and France. For us it was important to present a selection including the widest possible variety of musical styles on a single record, as well as show what a carefully made analoge record can do.

Antonio Vivaldi.. La Primavera
Frederic Chopin.. Waltz
Julius Fucik.. Entry of the Gladiators
Franz Schubert.. Trout Quintet
Guiseppe Verdi... Celeste Aida
-Placido Domingo
Anton Bruckner... Symphony No.8

Stop Daydreaming... Toxic
Central Avenue Breakdown..
...Lionel Hampton
Uptown Love... Barron Longfellow
Diving... Theirry Fervant
La Flor Del Cactus... Toti Soler
Tango Selection... Juan Jose Mosalini

Conclusion ...Modern recording techniques make it possible to produce records of this high quality at no extra cost compared to a normal LP and repertoire is no problem as each side can easily have 5-10 minutes more than is on "Perfection" -if really needed. It is true that Direct-to-Disc records can achieve better dynamics but at the cost of vastly reduced storage capacity per LP, and so increasing the cost of the record. Better records for all should be the motto of all recording companies. With this record we hope to have shown that this is very possible.
Pickering & Co. inc. USA

The Red Button Clamp by Pickering

Record stabilizing clamps are now a recognised accessory for reducing record/mat slippage and dynamic wow. They make the disc and platter effectively one piece and are often built into top grade decks as standard equipment.
They improve bass definition and stereo imaging, and can even help with a warped disc.
This excellent design of record stabiliser is the type that grips the spindle and will not alter suspension or strain the motor. It is also the only stabilizer with patented constant pressure spring loaded feet that also protect the record label from marks.
Of all the accessories this could easily be the most cost effective upgrade for your Hi-Fi turntable and will work with any deck that has a normal center spindle  inc. Rega, Thorens, Linn, Project, Michell, Garrard, Systemdeck...  and as upgrades go, it's not a lot of money! Ace Birthday present or Xmas stocking filler for the record enthusiast.