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Red Button Clamp
by Pickering
Clamps improve bass definition and stereo imaging by making the disc and platter effectively one piece, standard equipment on many top decks...
This clamp grips the spindle and it's spring loaded feet applies the pressure so the lightweight design will not alter suspension or strain the motor, This could easily be the most cost effective upgrade of your turntable.
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 Pickering LP record stabiliser
UK 39.90   US $64   Euro 48

 Pickering record cleaner
Carbon Fibre
Record Brush

Cleans records and
keeps them static free.
Reduces abrasive wear of both stylus and record caused by dust particles.
UK 14.50   US $28   Euro 22
  Temporarily out of stock

Genuine Pickering Headshells

SME   type all metal headshells
 Pickering SME Style headshell
  • Similar to & will replace the SME S2
  • Hot steel pressed
  • weighing only 5 grams
  • Ideal for hi-compliance Hi-Fi cartridges
  • includes color coded link wires
  • UK 25   US $36   Euro 29
    NB. both these shells have previously had a cartridge fitted & come in basic packaging.
    Technics   type all metal headshells

     Pickering DJ Headshells
  • Rigid open sided mount
  • Ideal for DJ & Broadcast work
  • alluminium cast
  • weighing only 8 grams
  • includes color coded link wires
  • UK 20   US $28   Euro 21

     Pickering phono pre-amp PLZ Pre-pre amp
    Made in Britain specially for the Pickering XLZ range,
    takes your MM input up to MC sensitivity.  
    More Info.
    UK 199.90   US $336   Euro 249

        180 GRAMS,  12"   DEMO LP,
    Price   UK 15.95    US $26    Euro 19
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     Pickering demo record
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