A Hybrid Low Impedance cartridge from a classic American brand The Pickering XLZ-7500-S is a Moving Magnet design giving it excellent tracking ability at low tracking forces, interchangable stylii, low dynamic mass and very fast rise time with extended frequency response. Moving Coil cartridges have the advantage of being immune to the lead capacitance that shunts off top end response & the Pickering XLZ design combines the best qualities of both methods, unlike most MC they are high compliance and will work well with most quality arms including low mass models, There is also a Technics T4P version the TLZ-7500 which is supplied with a 1/2" mount conversion bracket
Specifications are...
  • Standard inch mount bolts
  • Also available as T4P + 1/2" Mount
  • Standard color coded connectors
  • Diamond Stereohedron
    (line contact tip) 2 x  8x71
  • Output 0.33mv (MC level)
  • Frequency range 10 to 50k
  • Tracking force 0.5 gram to 1.5 grams
  • Tracking ability 100 microns
  • Compliance 30 cu
  • Channel separation 35db
  • Load 50 - 250 ohms   pf no limit
  • Effective mass 5g

    Also features...
  • Full RF sheilding
  • Static discharge path
  • Solid metal case & mounting
  • Dynamic damping system
  • Dustamatic record cleaner
  • What Hi Fi...   " ...an excellent, even exceptional sounding cartridge"

    Hi Fi review...   " ...provides more detail, more information and a higher degree of lucidity and image precision than I have ever heard from a cartridge, even the best moving coils."

    " ...detailed controlled and orderly sound"

    Gramophone   " ...the quality of musical reproduction was clean and bright with very wide stereo and atmospheric depth. ...clearly a very good cartridge"

  • Any Pickering XSV or XSP model can be converted to XLZ technology