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Designed and Made in the USA   since 1946

Pickering VE15
A classic American brand with polished diamond stylus ...and the Dustamatic cleaning brush as shown. These cartridges have the V15 design from the people who invented it and will fit a very wide range of turntables ...the Pickering V-15 Series is one of our most popular ranges Worldwide.
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VE15 Specifications are...
  • Standard inch mount bolts
  • Standard push on
    color coded connectors
  • Data & Instruction Book
  • Diamond Eliptical tip 10 x 17.8
  • Output 6.6mv (5cm/sec)
  • Frequency range 20 to 20k
  • Tracking force 1 gram to 3 grams    
  • Compliance 14 cu
  • Channel separation 25db
  • Load 47k 275pf
  • Effective mass 5.7g
  • Replacement stylus D5E
    NB. most Pickering V15 styli are interchangable

    Other features...
  • Full RF shielding
  • Static discharge system
  • Solid metal case & mounting
  • Dynamic damping system
  • Dustamatic record cleaner

  • " Top quality solid metal construction at affordable prices yet still with full RF screening and the patented V guard stylus protector of the top models. "

    Pickering VE15
    *NB. Inferior diamond tips can ruin your valuable records in a single play!

    Pickering cartridges are designed and manufactured in the USA. A Division of Stanton Magnetics LLC