Pickering TL2-S Universal mount cartridge
...a classic American brand developed in close co-operation with Technics to
upgrade your turntable. Ortophon Rega SME Michell Project Thorens Systemdek Garrard

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This cartridge will replace and usually upgrade any T4P cartridge with no adjustment -
...it's just plug and play!
Ortophon Rega SME Michell Project Thorens Systemdek Garrard
Also designed to work with any normal tonearm with standard inch mount and adjustment.
ADC A&R Supex Gyro Shure Linn
TL2S has a patented Stereohedron stylus enabling tracking force to be distributed over an area some 4 times larger than a normal elliptical tip, this reduces friction and wear of both stylus and record, essentially it is an elliptical profile running in a line up the groove wall greatly improving performance and even capable of playing a previously damaged record by bridging over the damaged area, all parameters are improved but such accurately shaped diamonds are expensive!
Specifications are...
  • Universal mounting with T4P and
    Standard inch mount bolts
    (conversion kit provided)
  • Industry standard push on
    color coded connectors
  • Diamond Line Contact tip 2 x (8x71)
  • Output 4.4mv
  • Frequency range 10 to 22k
  • Tracking force .75 gram to 1.5 grams
  • Compliance 17 cu
  • Channel separation 32db
  • Load 47k 275pf
  • Mass 5.9g
  • Replacement stylus DTL2-S
  • Also features...
  • Full RF sheilding
  • Static discharge system
  • Solid metal casing
  • SC4 stylus cleaning fluid
  • Stylus cleaning brush
  • Brass screwdriver
  • All in metal storage box

  • Pickering cartridges come backed by a full 10 year guarantee,   Worldwide.