Pickering XV-15 625E Hi Fi cartridge
a classic American brand with Dustamatic cleaning brush ...the '625E Moving Magnet cartridge will fit a very wide range of turntables from Rega to Thorens and is one of our most popular models and is fully upgradeable with it's interchangable stylus. ADC A&R Supex Gyro Shure Linn Ortophon Rega SME Michell Project Thorens Systemdek Garrard
Specifications are...
  • Standard inch mount bolts
    (kit provided)
  • Standard push on
    color coded connectors
  • Diamond Elliptical tip 7.6 x 17.8
  • Output 4.4mv
  • Frequency range 10 to 25k
  • Tracking force...
    0.75 gram to 1.5 grams
  • Compliance 17 cu
  • Channel separation 35db
  • Load 47k 275pf
  • Mass 6.3g
  • Replacement stylus D625E
    NB. all Pickering XV15 styli are interchangable

  • Also features...
  • Full RF sheilding
  • Static discharge system
  • Solid metal case & mounting
  • Dynamic damping system
  • Dustamatic record cleaner
    HiFi High Fidelity Audio Technica Grado Glanz Nagaoka
    Hi Fi review...
        " if it's a secure, unfussy, powerful and full bodied sound you are after, don't forget to listen to the XV15-625E."

    "sound is well controlled and natural"

    Stereo Magazine >"Low frequency tracking ability was outstanding"